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About Us

Reach us by email at barkforme@earthlink.net.


Smilin’ Jack Reilly Reed, FX, TD

Miss Reilly is a seven year old Jack Russell Terrier from Virginia and is all girl, except when digging holes or climbing trees after squirrels.

In her younger days, Reilly competed in flyball, but grew bored with it. She now spends her free time as a therapy dog who visits abused teenage girls in a residential treatment program outside of Boston. Her job there is to play with the girls and give them pawsitive feed back that they so desperately need.

Reilly has always shown a sense of professionalism in her photo sessions. In general she seems to enjoy her time in front of the camera, especially if there are treats!

Cotton Reed, TD

Cotton is what we call a Jumbo Jack – he is a HUGE Jack Russell Terrier. Cotton was rescued from a shelter in Georgia and brought to us as a foster dog. We discovered that Cotton is deaf, which is common amongst all white dogs. We also discovered we could not give him up!

Cotton can read and understand about 60 ASL signs. He loves his toys and clothes and wags his tail when he sees me pick up the camera. Though he can get a bit distracted during a photo shoot, we always get the job done.

Cotton too is a therapy dog who visits deaf children at a residential program outside of Boston as well as a deaf kindergarten when in New Mexico. Cotton has been referred to as “love in a dog suit” as he will always find the person most in need of some lovin’ on the street, at home, or at school.


Xoco Reed

We met Xoco in Santa Fe, NM in late January 2009. She had been rescued from wandering the streets of southern NM and was being cared for by Small Dog Rescue of Santa Fe. It was love at first sight! Her personality won us over in about 15 seconds.

No one knows exactly what breeds she might be a mix of. We are guessing Chihuahua and terrier. She tips the scale at 7.9 pounds and is about 8 ˝ inches tall. She can hold her own when wrestling Cotton or going on the long walks around town.

She has passed her basic obedience class in fall 2009 and we hope to enroll her into dog therapy school in the spring of 2010.

Ellen Reed

What can I say - I am a little nuts! I don’t know how I got into doing this, but it has snow balled! I used to be a commercial interior designer and do museum exhibit work. Now I dress up dogs. I want it to be fun for the dogs, so I work very quickly and give lots of smooches and treats. I also like to keep them in natural light – I like the way the light plays on their coats and their eyes.

About the Cards

The cards and envelopes are high quality, acid free white stock that has a 30% recycled content. The photos are printed on very high quality photo paper and adhered with an acid free tape. Each photo is hand cut to 4” x 6”, so there is a slight difference. Each card is titled and signed. The inside of the cards are blank.

Specific themes may be requested.

All photographs are copyrighted. Duplication of images without written permission is strictly prohibited.

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