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Xoco's Diary    

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26 November 2012

Uh-oh amigos

My editor has been unwell for many weeks, so I have been unable to write to you.

It has been 7 weeks today, since my surgery.  And I am WELL!!!!  Mi Madre says I am operating at 112%!  I empty out my toy box and play with everything.  I run laps around the first floor.  I wrastle with Cotton.  I annoy Reilly.  I jump and buck like a little bronco.  I am back and then some!

Mi madre. however, has not done so well.  She had a pinched sciatic nerve and then she got shingles and it made it hurt so much she could not walk.  She says she got the shingles because she was so worried about me.  We spent two weeks in bed with her, which probably helped my super recovery.  But now Mi Madre is also mucho better.

And last week we had a bueno birthday dinner!  I did not feel good when it was my birthday and so Mi Madre gave us all a birthday dinner on Reilly's birthday.  We had hot dogs and tater tots on the good china.  Reilly sang "happy birthday".  Cotton started eating before the song was done.  It was the best dinner ever in my whole life.  I hope we can have another birthday dinner this week.

Xoco at full speed

30 October 2012

Oh my friends

We had a terrible storm visit us yesterday.  It knocked down trees and made things catch fire and now we have no electricity.  I can not watch my soaps.  I am so behind.

Mi Madre let me come over to my friend's Gracie's house to use her internet.  Gracie is muy loco like me, but she has a bad hip and her Madre does not want to spend mucho dinero for surgery, so Gracie has to stay quiet too.  It is killing us.  But at least I can tell you that I am fine.  Except I need bath.  But without electricity Mi Madre says I do not have to have one..... yet.

The repair man says maybe we will have power Thursday night.  And tomorrow is Halloween.  It will be mucho dark and spooky on our street!  I may have to hide.

Xoco the grubby

p.s.  Mi Abuela sent me a check for "therapy or a (back) wig?!!?  That crazy Abuela

26 October 2012

Hola all

I am doing super good!  I love my little walks around the block and I can make it the whole way by myself now.  Though I did ask to be carried part of the way today - it has been so very busy today and I saw so many friends on my afternoon walk that I got a little weary.  But I hardly slip anymore at all.

And indoors I must be reminded "no rough housing".  That is one tough rule to follow!

Also, yesterday I rolled onto my back and s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d my body as long as I could and let Mi Madre rub my belly.  It felt sooooooooooooo good!  it has been many, many weeks since I last rolled onto my back.

But the most amazing thing of all is that my little pink nose, that was black when I was a baby, is turning black again.  Mi Madre took a photo of me in the emergency room, the day of my surgery, and my nose was pink with a black edge. Now it is turning all black.  No one quite knows why. I am such a complicated character!

I'm back!!!!!  Xoco

22 OCTOBER 2012


I am staple free and have a bit more freedom!  I am allowed 4-6 ten minute walks a day now and 8 minutes of computer time.  I must type muy rapido.

The neurologist said I look so good she could not believe she operated on me just two weeks ago.  I have super healing powers.

Then we went to the physical therapy department.  The PT people said they have never seen someone look so good after just two weeks.  I am magical!

Then I had hydro-therapy.  

That kind of ruined my day.  

I had to walk on a treadmill in water for 5 minutes.  I was in hell.  

I also have two pages of exercise Mi Madre is to do with me every day.  I am going to be mucho busy.  Six more weeks of limited activity and then I can explode.   Mi Madre has informed me that launching myself from furniture is not on my list of things to do anymore.  And they are making a gate to keep me from using the stairs as my look out tower.  So many rules. 

We will see.....


21 October 2012

Xoco would like to let you all know that she is B-O-R-E-D!!!!!!!!!!  and that she may have to go to the morgue because she is going to die she is so bored!

We have been carrying her everywhere we go in her little carry bag.  But even that is not enough excitement.

Tomorrow she gets her staples removed and her evaluation.  She is walking quite well and even did a little dance of excitement today.  I know we have another couple of quiet weeks ahead, but hopefully we can add a wee bit more activity to our mix.  

I will report in tomorrow afternoon about what we learn.  

17 October 2012

Somebody is feeling better and better.  

She can stand up, shake her body, and not fall over.  

She can walk around with much more ease.  

and She can eat and eat and eat.  The poor little peanut was looking thin, but not for long.

Xoco still does not want anyone to hold her but me.  We are working on that.  Kathy came over yesterday and Xoco's tail wagged faster than I have seen it move in weeks.  She wanted to kiss Kathy, but she would not even let the mother of her BFF hold her.

Today we went for another acupuncture appointment.  Xoco squirmed away from the tech who was just steadying her hind legs and managed to climb into my arms for the whole appointment.  She did take treats from the vet and was feeling really good afterwards.  She even barked at the poor UPS man from her crate! And I could make up her dinner fast enough.

And she is eating kibble and regular dog food once again.  

I am so happy and so grateful to see the spark returning to our little munchkin!!!!!

15 October 2012

It has been one full week and she is amazing.  

We removed the pain med patch Saturday and her personality is coming back.  Right now, she is in her crate down stairs cusses and barking about something that is bothering her. 

And we got a full 8 hours of sleep last night.  A first.  We are all feeling better as a result of that.

It has been mild, so I have been taking her for a "walk".  I carry her in my arms up and down the block.  She is still very nervous about people and the world, but this seems to be helping.  She calms down after just a minute now.

I am also re-introducing the idea of dog food.  She has not been willing to even touch the stuff, but tonight she ate about 6 pieces of kibble mixed in with the good stuff.  And she ate the whole bowl with gusto.

I think now we are really in for it.  She is getting stronger every day and with that her confidence is returning.  Keeping her quiet will become much harder by the end of the week, I fear.

And the little kids across the street have dubbed her "zombie dog" for Halloween.

13 October 2012

It has been an uneventful day - this is good.  Xoco did wake us up at 3 to go out, so her system is still a bit off, but who can blame her?!!?

I met a family in our neighborhood who had to have this surgery on their dog a year ago.  They did not get as good of a prognosis as Xoco.  They were not aware of how bad the situation was and waited longer than we did.  As a result, this dog still has trouble walking and "leaks".  Our dear Xoco does not leak!  Still a bit wobbly in the hind quarters, but getting more confident each day.  And her pain med patch was removed today!  Lets hope it is a comfortable night for all tonight!

12 October 2012

Someone is feeling perkier and perkier and is going to be very tough to keep that someone quiet for 4 weeks+!!!!!

This morning she ambled across the lawn and not only peed, but pooped as well!  

At 1 am someone decided she did not want to sleep in her crate, so someone cried and banged on the door or the crate for 35 minutes.  Reilly was so annoyed that she went into the bathroom and pooped and peed.

And even though my sleep is interrupted and I am getting very little done, I am still soooooooo happy to have that little someone home pestering us.

11 OCTOBER 2012

We are sooooooo happy here.  Xoco is home and looking great.  She got up at 5 and was able to stand up, take three steps, squat and pee outside.  The surgeon says this is what we are looking for.  Standing and peeing.

She is not wanting to eat dog food at this point, but chicken breast is just fine.  And I got a wee tail wag when I took her out of her crate after I got dressed.  That little wag put me over the moon with happiness.

We now have 4 weeks of being super careful and very quiet.  We have un-invited our house guests so that Xoco does not get too excited.  we have little exercises to do daily to be sure the sensation returns to her hind legs and ties in with her whole body.  The PT therapist said that she looked so good yesterday that she is afraid we will have a hard time keeping her quiet.

And while in the hospital, our little Mexican stole the hearts of the entire staff.  The surgeon went to check on her at one point yesterday and found her cage empty.  Xoco was making the rounds on the technicians' laps while they did desk work.

What is it about this little girl?!!?

10 October 2012


xoco is home!!!!!!!!!

It is still boring old me, but I bring good news.  

Xoco is coming home today.  

I will go get her at 3:30.  I will learn about her Physical Therapy exercises and what we need to do for our little darling the next two weeks.  

As many have said, she is already dressed for Halloween.  I think she may be wearing her hoodies a lot more this fall than usual. Her  back is rather frightening looking.  I do not want to gross our gentle readers out, but if you want to see it, email us at address above and I will send it on......

9 October 2012

5 pm

I saw Xoco today for an hour.  

She stood, a bit unsteadily, outside in hopes she would pee.  Nope.  So we went indoors and she ate a big chunk of chicken and then we cuddled for a good long bit.  On my way out, we went outdoors again.  She has a sling that goes around her hind end, to help her stand, but I really did not need to use it. As I took her back into the hospital, her eyes got heavy.  she was relaxed and falling asleep in the technician's arm as I said goodbye.  It was great to hold her and see her and talk to her.  He back is very shaved - about a 4 inch wide x 7 inch long bald patch.  The incision is about 4 inches long and held closed by 12 staples.  I doubt I would look this good after surgery.

The surgeon called at 8:30 this morning to tell me Xoco was up and that she had been able to stand up and took a few steps even!  Great news!  She also informed me that Xoco did not like the hospital food offered to her at 7:30 am.  Well duh!  She is Mexican.  She hates to eat before 10 am.  

I just went to Whole Foods and bought a grilled chicken breast that I will take when I visit her at 1 this afternoon.  And if she continues to do as well as she is doing, she can come home tomorrow.  

We are a very relieved and happy household today!

8 OCTOBER 2012

8 pm

Xoco came out of surgery about 6:30.  Her MRI showed that the disc between T12 and T11 was severely swollen and blocking about 60% of her spinal column.  She will spend the night sedated in the ICU.  The surgeon will call after her rounds in the morning and hopefully I can go and visit the little peanut in the afternoon.

Thank you all for your kind thoughts and prayers and best wishes and candles burning and concern.  She sure is one well loved little sock monkey.

May we all have a peaceful and uneventful night.

Amigos of Xoco

Xoco was looking a bit worse this morning.  She would not use her right rear leg, so we called her vet and he recommend we take her to the neurologist asap.  She managed to stand for the neurologist and walk a little, but she was sitting down with a thump a good bit to.  Dr Neurologist asked to keep her.  Señor Bill and I gave her kisses and wrapped her in a blanket from home and said a sad see you later.  The hope is that she will have surgery later today.  

It is a bit of relief to have her somewhere safe.  They gave her some good pain meds and she was alert when we said good bye, but not shaking as she had been doing all morning.  So, I think this means we are on our way to recovery. And she may be home by Wednesday night, if all goes as planned.  

Keep checking for updates

7 OCTOBER 2012

Dear Friends

Xoco can't write at the moment.  She is being confined to a crate for a horribly long time.  It appears that our little Mexican Jumping Bean has pinched or slipped a disc in her back.  And since she has not gotten better from all of the quiet and boring time in her crate, she might just have to have a very serious bit of spinal surgery this next week.  She will see the neurologist on Tuesday and we will learn more then.

Meanwhile, she is eating very well and will happily take her pills mixed in beef baby food or cookie dough.  She enjoys being in her crate while on the front porch on warm days so she can holler at the neighbors.  She loves going along for rides while in her fashionable carry bag. And she is kind of digging all of the extra love and attention being lavished upon her.

I will post on this very site what is happening through the days ahead.  Señor Bill, Reilly, Cotton and I all hope she will have a full and rapid recovery as we all love her dearly.  


12 MARCH 2012

Hola, hola, hola

I have muy exciting news!!!!

I am going to graduate school!  And I am writing my thesis on digging worms.  It is so interesting and so very mucho work for one little dog.

Truly, I do go to grad school.  Señor Bill is teaching a course at Boston University and I go with him.  Some might say I am a distraction, but the class adores me.  They have been doing some work outdoors, so I have had time to work on my own project with the worms.  But when called upon, I do join the group and give moral support and nose reamings.  

And because I am Señor Bill's teaching assistant (and also because I am a cute little Mexican I am sure), I do not have to pay tuition!  So, I will soon have an advanced degree with no college loan to tie me down.  I am sure I will have a muy bueno job in no tiempo!

back to the books, Xoco

15 February 2012

¡Oh mis amigos mejors!

I am mucho sorry to be away so long.  Mi Madre tried to kill herself by falling backwards off her desk and moving her shoulder blade to the other side of her body.  I was there within seconds of the falling, treating her for shock by sticking my tongue up her nose.  She said it was not helpful, but I know differently.

She is very well now and we have been enjoying much time together.  She insists that I can not call the tongue up the nose treatment energy healing.  It is too gross.

Our winter has been muy bueno.  I did have to wear my booties for two days and they still give me super hero powers to run on salt at super hero speeds.  But otherwise, I hardly ever even have to wear a coat! And I have been digging for worms.  There are three new holes in the front yard made just by me.  Señor Bill says it looks like the surface of the moon. 

So amigos, you can tell I have been mucho busy.  I will keep you posted as my tongue up the nose healing solution expands.

Xoco, the healer

3 January 2012

¡Happy New Year Amigos!

It is a muy bueno nuevo year. I can tell.  Reilly has not beat me up once, yet.

Our holiday season was mucho busy.  Mi Madre made me wear a Christmas tree dress.  Two times!  And it was not a dress with a Christmas tree on it.  The dress was a Christmas tree.  I had to wear it at parties.  I did not look happy because I was not happy.

Señor Santa came.  He brought me many little baseballs.  They look exactly like the baseballs I walked FIVE miles for back in September.  I think he re-gifted them. I am dubious about Señor Santa's sincerity!

And I have been to another foreign country.  I went to Nuevo Jersey to visit mi abuela.  They talk funny there.  I could not understand a word of the local dialect.

I do hope all of mis amigos are fine and healthy and happy.

Your favorite little mexican,


12 December 2011

Today it the Feast day of Our Lady of Guadalupe.  Mi Madre says that 20,000 attended the services at the cathedral in Dallas, TX.  

Chihuahuas or people?  

I held a brief service here in our garden.  

No one else came.  

I wonder if this will help my standing on Santa's list?!!?

Xoco the sainted

7 December 2011

Oh mis amigos.  You must forgive me for being gone so long.  The time, it just flies away.  I am mucho sorry, but I would never forget you, mis amigos majors!!!

The weather has been very mild this fall, so we have spent much time outdoors.  Even today it is mild enough to catch worms and eat them.  Reilly thinks this is gross, but at least I eat what I kill.

Señor Bill is a mere shadow of his former self.  He has lost much weight and I can no longer call him Bread and Butter.  Now I must call him Tofu and Carrots.  He can still ninja fight with me good, but his belly is not as soft when I bounce on it.

And mi Madre is muy fit.  She walks up to 8 miles a day.  She has many other dogs to walk now and sometimes I go along as her intern.  I am one fit little Mexican now, I tell you.  I could make it across the border with a herd of squad cars after me, no problema!

We are getting ready for Christmas.  I have unwrapped one gift already and sorry I did so.  It was hand warmers.  It was not for me, but the package looked to be the right size for me to handle.  I don’t have hands, so they were useless.

I hope you are all having a jolly time preparing for the fat man’s visit.  I will check in on you soon, to make sure you are not on the naughty list.

Too Busy, Xoco

23 September 2011

I must talk about food. Everyone has food issues. Cotton cannot eat corn or soy. Reilly cannot eat pork. Señor Bill can eat everything and eats too much. Mi Madre cannot eat soy.

My food issue is I am not fed what I want to eat! And I cannot eat anything natural. Except worms. But if it is fruit or vegetable, I cannot eat it. I do enjoy dissecting it or hiding it, but I cannot (maybe I should say will not) eat it.

I don’t know where it might have been.

Now processed food, that I can eat! And it is muy bueno. If I could reach the cupboards, I would fill my little food bowl with frito pie covered in caramel sauce with coca cola in my “aqua” bowl. But no one will let me make this decision for myself.

¡la vida no es justa!

As for Señor Bill, I suggested to Mi Madre that she should punch him in the belly every time he eats too much. Then he will get a tummy ache and not eat as mucho. Señor Bill, que no le gustaba la idea.

No sé por qué no...

Xoco, que es de tres años de edad ahora

12 September 2011

Mis Mejores Amigos-

Yesterday I was a mucho exhausted perrita because I walked the Grande Walk on Saturday.

I walked 5 human miles!

Given how short my legs are, I think it equaled 25 Xoco miles!

And I raised $250.00 with your help for the heart association. GRACIAS AMIGOS! We helped many people, I am sure.

It was not all work. I did manage to get CATORCE squishy baseballs – the exact type that I love so much. I think I may just have enough to last me a whole year.

It was a muy bueno day indeed.

Gracias again amigos for your support.
Xoco, cute="cash"

03 September 2011


On September 10, 2011 I will take a muy grande walk to help others. Please help me raise dinero for the American Heart Association.

You can click on my very own page at http://heartwalk.kintera.org/bostonma/xoco to make a donation.

I am a little dog taking a BIG walk!!!!!

Xoco Reed
poochas gracias

29 August 2011


I have survived my first hurricane. Reilly likes to point out it was a tropical storm by the time it got to us, but I do not care. It was a muy grande storm to a little Mexican. I made a hurricane shelter in Mi Madre and Señor Bill’s bed and did not leave it until 2:30 in the afternoon.

We were mucha suerte. Nothing broke or crashed down on us. But mi amiga mejor, Murphy, she is not so lucky. She still has a very big tree resting on the roof of her casa. She needed to get away from it all, so she came here today to play with me.

And the storm did interfere with my mini vacation with Mi Madre and Señor Bill. We had gone to Vermont on Friday and were going to stay all weekend, but Señor Bill (with a little nudging from Mi Madre) decided to return home Saturday night. Again, we were mucha suerte. We would not have been able to get home there is so much flooding and damage there.

So amigos, do not mess around with la madre naturaleza! She is muy tricky, that one.

Xoco, the survivor

24 August 2011

Mis Amigos

Señor Bill has broken my blog. I cannot post anything without the intercession of a third party. But being a devout Catholic dog, I am accustom to the intercession of a third party for my needs.

We have had the mostest bien-est summer!!!! It was muy fun. It started with me getting a sassy short hair cut. Mi Madre used Señor Bill’s beard trimmer and took a couple of inches off. I was cool and comfortable all summer and it has increased my speed 2 or 3 times. No one can catch me now.

In Julio, we went international. We loaded up in the car and went to Canada. Reilly says they would confiscate me and put me in a bin of stuff that cannot be transported over the boarder. That did not happen. I gave the customs officer my papers and my cutest little dog look and he waved us through. They would never confiscate Reilly – she is too mean.

We visited Lac Manitou and stayed with our friends. They have three dogs too so we had a hound dog hoopla. The casa was muy grande and I got lost a couple of times. But outside was paradise. Reilly could hunt chipmunks until she passed out, Cotton could play catch with the black lab, Rosie, and I could boss everyone around. We had swimming lessons every day – I wore my PFD, we hiked and I went sailing. I was a little queasy at first, but I soon got my sea legs.

After 5 fabuloso days there, we got up mucho early and packed up again into the car. Cotton cried as he bid Rosie, his true love, adios.

We drove nine hours down through Vermont and New Hampshire and on to the coast of Maine. We stopped and got groceries and everything we might need for one whole week. And then we caught the ferry, for a ride into the middle of the ocean, to Swans Island.

Amigos, I am land based creature. I was not amused.

On Swans Island we stayed in a little cottage that was once part of a sheep farm and that overlooked the harbor to the east and the ocean to the west.

I loved this cottage. It was just the right size for me.

The Atlantic Ocean surrounded us. I did not love the Atlantic Ocean. How can one trust water that chases one up the beach?

I loved the beach. It was the best diggy diggy sand box I have ever seen. As long as the ocean stayed far away.

We had a full week of playing. Hikes into the woods and to other beaches. The best smells in the world. Lots of sun. Lots of games of catch. Lots of time to sleep. It was the best week ever in my whole life. And I did finally put my feet into the ocean on the 5th day, but something is muy wrong with that water. It tastes terrible.

Then we had to leave. I was sad. But on the way home I met Sprout. We are engaged to be engaged to be engaged to be engaged. He is a pappion/Chihuahua mix. He loves me. We have to work out a few issues, but when he gets some money, I will marry him.

Back home, all is well. I had to get back to my therapy work on Thursday nights and sometimes I even go with Cotton to his therapy job on Fridays.

I am addicted to playing catch with my little chewy baseball and bother Señor Bill and Mi Madre several times a day.

The days are getting shorter and I have to go suck up as much sun as I can now, amigos. I hope my blog will be fixed soon.

Xoco the world traveler

June 26, 2011

Hola mis amigos. I am mucho sorry for being gone so muy long. Pero, I have been a busy perro!

We left Nuevo Mexico the weekend of April 23. I did not have to ride in the way back with Cotton. Mi Madre did not like it when I went jumpy, jumpy, jumpy and caught the fabric on the side of the car in my tiny teeth and pulled it off. SO I rode up front with Reilly. She says she should be nominated for sainthood after sharing a seat with me for over 2,000 miles. It was not that bad!

Since we have returned to Nuevo England, we have been mucho busy! We have been running a hotel! Every week we have one or two or three guests. Reilly runs the front desk and checks them in. Cotton is the bell hop and helps unpack their luggage. And I clean under the bed. And sometimes in the bed. And I empty the trash. We have been muy helpful indeed.

And we have been working in the garden. I dig holes for bonita flowers. Cotton waters them. Reilly directs.

And we have been working on our tans. Sadly, my nose has not turned black as we had hoped.

And I am in my first litigation!

That is, if I find a good lawyer.

I was dwarf tossed!

A muy grande dog picked me up in his teeth and threw me into the air. I am made of tough stuff, so I did not break, but mi madre, and Cotton, and Reilly were all very mad.

I looked it up online and dwarf tossing has been banned in most states. As a little "person" my civil liberties have been violated. But one lawyer says the commonwealth will not recognize me as a little "person" so I do not have a case. I must watch more daytime television and find me a better lawyer. One who understands these things.

So that, mis amigos, is the latest. Short and sweet, just like me!


April 11, 2011

I am still in the land of my birth.  And I am having a mucho fun time.  There is an entire yard here just for diggy digging.  I can spend all day dig holes.  I love it.

Then I come in and make tiny brown foot prints on the white furniture.  Mi Madre is not so happy about this.

But best of all, Señor Bill missed his little Mexican so mucho that he came and visited us.  I ninja-ed him good and we shopped and walked and I licked his whole face.  It made him muy happy.

Mi Madre says we will be here a little longer.  This is bien as my nose is still very pink.  Mi Madre does not think it will turn black again, even in this sun.  I work on tanning it every day, but still no black nose.  Oh well.

And Reilly works on her tan every day.  I pointed out she is only tan because of the layer of dust on her white hair and she almost bit my head off.  Watch it lady, I lived on the streets and I know how to fight!

Xoco the toughie

April 4, 2011

¡Hola Amigos!

It is me, your favorite little Mexican, writing from my home town, Santa Fe!  Yes, I am in my home land.  

I was muy confused by it all, but now I am feeling quite at home.  It took three mucho, muy, very long days of riding in Mi Madre's coche to get here.  But we made it.

The first day I rode in the way back with Cotton.  Then we slept at a hotel in the grand state of Ohio.  It snowed there.

The next day I lasted uno hour in the way back.  Then I melted down.  I jumped up and down and cried and held my breathe and grabbed hold of the fabric on the side of the car and pulled at it with my teeth. I did not have to ride in the way back any more of our trip.

It is very dry here and it makes my hair stick up funny.  And the sun is very caliente.  I was unhappy the first day, but now I kind of dig it.  Mi Madre sprays me with agua so my hair does not get all static electricitied.  I now how to find a shady spot under the bed to stay cool.  And I can run around free in my own yard.  It is all muy bien.

Xoco at home in Santa Fe

March 21, 2011

Reilly is calling me "bed barf and beyond" today.

I puked in the bed this morning.  

Its not like I planned to puke where I was sleeping.  It just happen.

I did it at 4 am.  Señor Bill woke up then to get ready to catch an aeroplane to my mother land.  Again the chico did not take his amiga mejor.  Again I stuck in the not quite as frozen north to fend for myself with not a taco in sight!  When will he learn?

But at 4 am I shared my displeasure by throwing up.  Mi Madre got up and took Señor Bread and Butter off to the aeroporto and then came home and cleaned up.  Then we all had a good nap before the day really began.  Mi Madre was not at all mad.  Just Reilly.  She is so full of herself.

But I am feeling mucho better now.  Except it is snowing.  That makes me sad.  But we have a clean bed to sleep in tonight, so that is not too bad.Reilly says it better stay that way......

B B and B Xoco

March 15, 2011

I just want you to know, I really do write this diary all by myself.  


Xoco the writer

March 14, 2011

Mi Madre says that I may now make an announcement that SPRING is actually going to make it.

I had my first really good diggy-digging in the dirt today.  I did not find any worms, but I did see looks of little green shoots coming up.  And there is mucho less snow.  This means we are back to our forced marches around the town.  But this also means I will be as svelt as Reilly in no time.

Physically Phit Xoco

March 7, 2011

Mi amiga mejor, Murphy, her madre had foot surgery last week and now she has franken-foot!!!!  It is worse than Señor Bill's franken-finger.

I went to visit her today.  Her foot is wrapped in mucho material and I could not really see it.  But I could see that she was a bit loopy!  Mi Madre says that was because of the pain medicines and that I should not say anything.  Too late.

I jumped on the bed and gave her a good Mexican nose reaming with my magic Mexican tongue.  It is my speciality.  

Then I hid under the bed as mi madre gave stinky Murphy a bath.

Then me and Murphy played race cars running around the dinning room table.

I love my BFF!


March 1, 2011

I am in love with a cute boy!  

And I am going to marry the cute boy!

I told him as soon as he gets some money, I will marry him.

He stayed this last weekend in our tiny guest room on the third floor.  Every morning I would jump out of bed and run up there to kiss him.  He did not like the be awaken so early by me, but marriage is about compromise and he has to learn early who sets the rules in this relationship.

Reilly says she will never come to my wedding as it will most likely be in "poor taste".  What ever, princess.  You are still a bruja.  She can't ruin my good mood.

Xoco in love

February 24, 2011

Today is a sad day.  Our special 3-D television was taken away.  It only had one channel, but me and Reilly LOVED it!  It was all rodent all day long.

Mi Madre says it was not television, it was a hamster in a cage.  But I do not care.  It was the best thing to watch.  I would lie on my belly with my nosed pressed against the cage and watch Hammy hamster television for hours.  Reilly got more physical and would hit the cage.  She got banned from HTV in quick order.  But I just watched.  

Sometimes the hamster would hide in his bedding where I could not see him and this made me whine.  But he would soon emerge and run on his wheel or wash his little face or climb up his tall tower. 

But now it is gone.  Mi Madre and Señor Bill carried the set down the street to a home that will never appreciate it as much as me. I promised not to sit so close to the set, but they said it did not belong to us.

Now I will have to return to my usual fare of slasher movies late at night with Señor Bill instead of this wholesome family fare.  

My life is ruined, again, Xoco

February 17, 2011

I have seen what is under the bandage and it is not pretty.  Señor Bill has  a FRANKEN-FINGER!  I will not be able to sleep now until the stitches are removed and it is well.  It is muy frightening.

Xoco who is having nightmares now.

February 16, 2011

Oh amigos,

I have distressing news.  Señor Bill has wounded himself.  Somehow, using powers only a super human must have, he slammed a door closed on his own finger.  He told Mi Madre he had chopped his finger off, but it was still attached.  It was just very much smooshed.  Like a tortilla, I told him.  Flattened.  Like a cow pie in the middle of the road.  And a very interesting shade of purple as well.  I mean, I am a little dog and I am not supposed to see color and I can clearly see this!  Ay yi yi!!!

Now Señor Bill, my ninja amigo mejor, has a big bandage on his finger.  It looks like a weapon.  I do not trust it.  I think he can hide things in there.  This man can not be trusted in playing a game of bed wrestle right now.  I am muy concerned about it all.

Mucho distressed, Xoco

February 1, 2011

Mis amigos

I am writing to inform you that I will not make it. Señor Bill has been doing calculations and according to him, at this rate, we will be under a 1 mile high glacier in under 1,000 years.

I do not know what any of this means, but it sounds worrisome.

I do know it is snowing, AGAIN!

I am having no fun in my life at the moment. All we can do is sleep in front of the fire and wait for warmer weather. Even when it is not snowing it is muy hard to walk. My booties do give me super hero powers and I can run faster and my feet do not hurt, but when there is no sidewalk, they do not make it easier for me to break through the snow.

Pray for us amigos. Light candles that the sun will shine gently upon this frozen land and we will be freed from the grip of impending glaciations of our yard.

Ice Cube X

January 27, 2011

What is wrong with this country?!!?

My nose is pink from lack of sunlight.

I must wear clothes to keep warm.

I must wear booties to protect my feet. And I have not seen a blade of grass in over a month.

So that I may poop, Señor Bill has created a “snow cave” under a bush for me. I can not see and I can no longer even climb over the snow banks. It is like being in a big white box that is muy frio and muy boring.

Reilly got so frustrated by the snow that she pooped on the stairs. Excuse me, mi amiga, but I use those stairs.

When Cotton goes outside, he just blends in with all of the snow and we loose sight of him. All we see are two button eyes and a black nose.

And they tell me winter is not even over yet. I am going to move far, far away.

Xoco on the run

January 12, 2011

Yo no me gusto winter!

X under a foot of snow.

January 4, 2011

Mi Madre informed that I must make New Years Resolutions for this grand new year. I asked what they are and she explained the it is something that I want to do better or change in the new year. There is nothing that I can do better. I am perfect as is, I told her. She sharply replied that no one is perfect and perhaps I could think of one or two tiny things to improve upon.

So I made a resolution to get out of bed before 9 am every day.

And I have. Perfectly.

Mi Madre says it does not count if I go back to bed after only 5 minutes.

This resolution stuff is harder than it looks.

I need my sleep, Xoco

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